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Parenting Panchayat is a unique initiative where I try to bring forth the various perspectives about parenting at schools and corporate houses to address the ever-changing challenges faced by parents today. We prepare for almost every role in our professional career but never do the same for the most important role of our life. I wish to change this. Using Parenting Panchayat, I work with parents and help them get equipped for this dynamic role.

Our life is like a trek, with ups and downs, with difficult patches, but we go on because of hope and a dream to reach the Summit. The Leadership Trek is a journey that brings you closer to being an Authentic leader while also enabling you to become a better partner, parent and a professional. I have designed this programme with an objective to help you reach that Summit.

I speak at events, conferences and summits as a Keynote Speaker. If you are looking out for a Keynote Speaker for your next major event, find out more about the various topics I can speak on.

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