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#1 best selling author, leadership and parenting expert, educationist, coach, motivational speaker and a mom

Swati Lodha, PhD, is a renowned personality with over 22 years of changing lives. She has coached 10,000+ corporate executives and young minds directly and touched millions through her books.

Her humble beginnings in tent classrooms in Rajasthan did not stop her from reaching Harvard. Her will, determination and persistence helped her make her mark in the education and training industry at a very young age. 


Through her company Swash PD Pvt. Ltd., she interacted with thousands of parents and children for 17 Years and accumulated deep insights into the world of kids and parents alike. She discovered the various traits of parenting and how it affected the growth and development of kids. While also getting a first-hand understanding of the perspective of children, put her into a unique advantage point of bridging this parent-child gap. Her recent Amazon Bestseller "Don't Raise Your Kids, Raise Yourself!" and "54 Reasons Why Parents Suck!" talk about some of the learnings of all these years.

Having led her own companies and various reputed Management Institutions for 22 long years, she has helped nourish thousands of Young leaders. She founded Swash PD Pvt. Ltd. in 1997 and ran it for 17 years. She went on to be the Founder Director of Jodhpur Institute of Management in 2002. She was appointed as the Dean at Jodhpur National University in 2008, followed by Director position at Aditya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai from 2012. Under her leadership, AIMSR was ranked amongst the Top 10 Emerging B-School in the country. She further went on to be Head of Leadership at Prahlad Kakkad School of Business and Entrepreneurship from mid of 2016 for a year. 

In 2015, she founded "Life Lemonade by Dr Swati Lodha" and felt an urge to focus all of her efforts in this initiative. Her workshops "The Leadership Masterclass" & "Parenting Panchayat" have seen a phenomenal response. Her vision is to enable people to become the best version of themselves in all the roles they choose to play in life. 


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Staying true to oneself requires more courage than walking on a tied rope blindfold.

- Dr Swati Lodha

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Life Lemonade by Dr Swati Lodha is a unique initiative which conducts workshops and seminars on parenting and leadership at your organisation. Dr Swati Lodha is a #1 best selling author, leadership and parenting expert, educationist, coach, motivational speaker and a mom

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