Corporate Trainer

What Is Life Lemonade

LIFE LEMONADE is an initiative to help professionals, youth, homemakers and students to keep their life – simple and refreshing like Lemonade.

Life Lemonade offers customized Training Programs / Workshops / Talks (2hours / 3hours / 1 Day) to Corporate Houses, Social Organizations & Individuals.

Using her 18 years of vast experience as a Life Transformation Coach, Author and Academician, Dr. Swati Lodha offers executive coaching to Leaders, Parenting – Leadership balance to Professionals, Self-Management & Life Transformation Skills to anyone who cares to change for better.

Life Lemonade offers creativity and innovation workshops for enterprising youth and start-ups.

Revamp your Leadership Toolbox:

Transform your Life:

  • How to be an authentic leader
  • How to laugh, learn and lead
  • 7 steps to be an effective Parent and an effective leader
  • Motivation 2.0 – The Changed Lingo
  • How to feel confident and act confident
  • How to fail well
  • 7 Pillars of Effective Public speaking
  • Stress Management 2.0 – I am the critical element

SHE Power to You:

Redefine your Parenting Quotient (PQ):

  • How to master Level 5 Leadership
  • How to aspire, assert and be happy
  • 7 Pillars of Self-Management
  • Guilt free Work-Life Balance 2.0 Making it Possible
  • Don’t raise your kids, Raise Yourself
  • How to understand the world of children
  • Parenting & Leadership: The Connecting Link
  • Parenting 2.0: The Power of Five

The Excellence 360o:

  • Chuck the linear thinking to discover the real you.
  • Cross-pollinating the traits between 4Ps.
  • The SPICE framework of Holistic Excellence.
  • How to design and discover the SPICE in you.

Design Your Behavior:

  • The 7negative emotions.
  • Techniques that modify our behavior.
  • How to become a “Habit Changer” for self and others.
  • Design your Behavior, design a new YOU.

Discover The Digital Leader In You:

  • Welcome the age of acceleration and own it.
  • Leadership Mantras for the Digital Age.
  • Digital Leadership 2.0 – Move from AI to IA

Leadership & Parenting - The Connecting Link

  • Lessons from “Parent in You” to “Leader in You”.
  • Lessons from “Leader in You” to “Parent in You”.
  • P& L Bridge made of conditioning, culture, and commitment.

Revamp Your Leadership Toolbox:

  • Authentic Leadership.
  • Laugh and Lead.
  • Motivation 2.0 – The Changed Lingo.

She Power To You:

  • How to master Level 5 Leadership.
  • How to aspire, assert and be happy.
  • 7 Pillars of Self – Management.
  • Guilt free Work-Life Balance 2.0 Making it Possible.

Redefine Your Parenting Quotient (PQ):

  • Don’t Raise Your Children, Raise Yourself.
  • How to understand the World of Children.
  • Parenting 2.0 - The Power of Five.

Transform Your life:

  • Feel confident, Act confident.
  • How to fail well.
  • 7 Pillars of Effective Public Speaking.
  • Stress Management 2.0 - I am the critical element.