Life Transformation Coach (Swash)

SWASH is a dream, a movement to transform people, an initiative to become better versions of ourselves. Swash PD Pvt. Ltd. is a unique organization founded by Swati Lodha in 1997 with the mission of transforming lives by transforming the Attitude, Behaviour and Communication of people.

The organization has conducted workshops, lectures, courses and seminars for children, college students, professionals, parents and many corporate houses in last seventeen years.

Our corporate clients include Indian Oil Company, ICICI, SREI Infrastructure, JITO, Rotary Foundation, AFWWA, International Management Association, Indore Indira Management College and Ekal Foundation, Sydney.

Workshop Themes are:

  • See confident, Act confident
  • Seven pillars of effective public speaking - Talk power formula
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • I am the critical element

Women Empowerment

Swati Lodha works for women of all ages through her power talks, lectures and workshops.

Workshop Themes are:

  • Self-Management
  • Women leadership
  • Relationship Management
  • Stop worrying, Start living
  • Parenting Skills

A doctorate in women entrepreneurship, an inspiring story teller, a motivator, Swati has changed lives of many women.


Parenting is all about the difference between “being” a Parent and “becoming” a Parent.The moment you decide to “be” a Parent, you need to start preparing to “become” a Parent.

Life transformation and parenting Coach Dr. Swati Lodha will help you travel from “to be” to “to become”.With our dilemmas deepening, our fears rising, technology interference escalating, aspiration getting awry, Parenting is becoming a new challenge every day for Parents.

You prepare for every exam, every interview, every meeting. Have you ever thought of how carless and thoughtless we have been to prepare for one of the most important and rewarding roles of life as Parents.

Parenting needs preparation, let us accept that.

Remember, it is better late than never, and, it is more important than meeting deadlines, networking on social sites or worrying about future.

Workshop Themes are:

  • Don’t Raise Your Children, Raise Yourself
  • How to understand the world of children
  • Parenting & Leadership: The Connecting Link
  • Parenting 2.0: The Power of Five


A leadership and communication expert, Dr.Swati Lodha conducts lecture series and workshops to enhance leadership potential of children, youth as well as professionals.

Corporate Trainings organized by Swati – Shailesh Lodha are full of learning and laughter.

Workshop Themes are:

  • Authentic Leadership – Discover the leader in you
  • Blueprint of Success
  • Laugh and Lead
  • 7 Steps to be an effective parent and an effective leader