June 8, 2016

I can thrive for two months on a compliment.

I did not say it. Mark Twain did. When he said it, he must have believed in it because compliments were gems – rare and gleaming. […]
June 4, 2016

Technology for MOMs – Create your Digital Presence Jun 4

Nothing has helped woman more in last decade than this great enabler called technology. Nothing has opened more frontiers for women in last few years than […]
May 31, 2016

Being Emotionally Intelligent Is Important – Part 2

My this article was first published on www.sheroes.in on 28th May, 2016 While attending an Executive Education Program at Harvard Kennedy School of Governance, we were […]
May 31, 2016

Technology for MOMs – Learn to Post a Review on Amazon

Technology has become our bestie these days. We use our phones, our laptops not only to connect with people but to conduct our businesses. This post […]
May 27, 2016

5 Un-Parenting Principles

These Un-Parenting Principles come from my # 1 International Best Seller – Don’t Raise Your Children, Raise Yourself The Book is an attempt to remind us of […]
May 25, 2016

Don’t be a Pratyusha, be a Kangana

A young engineering student who was doing well in academics and co – curricular activities, disappeared suddenly from her Mumbai home, just before her final exams. […]
May 23, 2016

PIVOTING: From Start-ups to Parenting

Pivoting is the new poster word of start-up lexicon. Though it is common sense and has been proven true by many businesses long ago, it has […]
May 18, 2016

What Type Of Parent Are You ?

My Latest article that was first published on BabyDestination on 17th May, 2016 What Type of Parent are You? We generally believe that our thoughts make our words […]
May 17, 2016

Don’t Raise Your Children, Raise Yourself

This article was first published on MadratGames on 16th May, 2016. http://www.madratgames.com/dont-raise-your-children-raise-yourself/ Though we might feel that we are perfect parents blessed with imperfect children, let’s face it- […]